My Life with God

Check the Instructions

photo-1585489422656-048a9fbd3c8fI added solar lights to a couple freshly-landscaped areas. More than the nighttime light, I liked the height and texture they provided to the welcome feel of my home. I kept the boxes in case they didn’t work well.

Some nights, I forgot to check if they were lit after dark. Other nights, I reasoned they were probably not lit because the day had been cloudy. But after about ten days, I decided something was wrong with them. Before packing them up to return, I decided to read the instructions.

You’ve probably already guessed what I didn’t know: there is an on/off switch I’d ignored when installing them.

That night, they worked.

Yes, I laughed at myself.

I also wondered how many times I have thought something should work but haven’t taken an important step.

I get in my own way sometimes. I want to grow. I want to learn. I want to change. But I undermine the process by only taking the steps I understand or the time that seems convenient to me. I give “just so much” instead of the “enough” that’s required to move forward. My commitment and perseverance isn’t always what is should be—what I want it to be.

More isn’t always better. “Enough” is…well, enough. But it has to be the right “enough.”

Going through the motions isn’t the standard. Being humble and willing to learn is key. I’m glad God reminded me.

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