My Life with God

The Hauling Job

photo-1472752255439-6e452bc9e44dI was doing a bit of work at my mom’s house (and hanging out with her) when I noticed the neighbor’s ATV hauling a load of small branches to dump in a place they could later burn. I heard and glanced when they made a couple more trips over the next hour. Then the scene changed.

Either the project got bigger than they planned, or they got tired of making several trips. This time, the ATV was piled high and nearly covered in branches. It looked like a vehicle out of a Dr. Seuss book. Although I’m sure it was stable enough to drive, it looked like a wonder, as if there was no reason the ATV should not topple at any moment.

All was well.

The next trip left the ATV behind. Instead, the dump truck easily carried the load of branches. The system changed to fit the job.

A little later, the ATV rolled down the road. I suppose it served as the final cleanup transport crew.

It’s important to know the right tools needed for the job. And it’s important to be willing to adjust as the demands of the job shift. Sometimes we get stubborn and don’t want to shift the approach we were so determined would work. Sometimes we give up and quit. Sometimes we start a job then realize it’s wise to broaden the scope and adjust.

We often make the job more difficult than it needs to be. Flexibility helps.

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