My Life with God

None of Your Business

photo-1444653614773-995cb1ef9efaIt’s none of your business…until it is.

The opposite is true as well: It’s your business…until it isn’t.

The problem is we get the two mixed up. We’re nosy when we shouldn’t be. We try to fix when our input isn’t needed, wanted, or applicable. We distance ourselves when we’re needed most, because we don’t want to offend or intrude. We’re apprehensive, insecure, or fearful. We’re overconfident, proud, or pushy.

Asking the right questions of the right person at the right time is important, and we’re going to get it wrong at times. Even when we get it right, it might be received wrong. But that doesn’t mean we should disengage. We simply need to be humble, compassionate, and flexible enough to shift, listen, and invite space and time. When we don’t want to take the risk but we have something important to offer, and at times are the most important person to offer the exact words and effort, we need to show courage. Even with bold courage, we must incorporate humility, compassion, and flexibility. Those qualities need to be applied in all circumstances.

But we too often speak up just because we want to be heard. We ask questions just because we want to be in-the-know. We withdraw because of our what-if concerns of how someone will respond. What if they reject us? What if they question our motives? What if they see right through us?

What if we question our own motives—not enough to paralyze and excuse us but enough to gain the wisdom to trust God’s timing? So what if it’s uncomfortable? If our interactions are purposed by him, we can trust him in the uncertainties. We can find peace even when the situations are messy. We have hope even when the weight of the world presses upon us.

What is and isn’t your business today?

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