My Life with God

Today’s Weather

photo-1514519273132-6a1abd48302cI listened to the optimistic report for the day’s weather: “The sun will be shining all day…until…sunset.”

I smiled. Yes, indeed.

I didn’t know if there would be a moment through the day when a cloud or two slipped between my location and the sun, blocking the sunshine, but even then, the sun would have been shining. Believing the sun doesn’t shine all the time, even when we can’t see its shining effects, takes us back to our childhood days of thinking we disappear when we cover our eyes.

The sun is shining today—even if your surroundings indicate otherwise. The sun can do nothing but shine.

God is good today—even if your life is in turmoil and pain. God can be nothing but good.

We simply have many obstacles to seeing the reality of the broader perspective.

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