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photo-1570554886111-e80fcca6a029“Move in today.”

The sign caught my eye as I drove by a storage facility. I don’t know anyone who has moved into and lives in a storage facility. Stuff is stored at a facility. The sign made it sound as if we reside where our stuff is.

Maybe they’re on to something. They’re just calling it like they see it. If we’re honest, we like our stuff. For some, it takes on an importance that overshadows less noticeable valuables in our lives—our character and integrity, our relationships, our growth and faith. We want a bigger and better house; we want people to know about our new car; we show off this and that in our homes, anything that’s changed since the last time someone visited. We use stuff to impress others.

I know it’s not the case for everyone, but I’ve seen the dynamic. It’s almost always justified with explanations of “if you knew how I grew up…” or “I work hard and deserve…” And it almost always erodes at the person’s character and relationships even when the two don’t seem to be connected.

Some people can have a lot of stuff and keep it in perspective. Others can have what we might see as little and still overemphasize it. It’s not the amount, it’s the attitude.

Check your attitude toward your stuff and the way it fits into your life. Know where you value resides.

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