My Life with God

You Are Held

blog you are heldOver a dozen years ago, one of my best friends experienced an unimaginable loss. As I tried to support her and love her, I wrestled through it myself. Natalie Grant’s Held became a powerful reminder of who God is and how he provides. It didn’t explain it all or make it okay; it simply served as a comforting reminder of who God is.

Our circumstances and experiences don’t define him.

Over the last several weeks, I have seen young parents and grandparents lose their littles. I have seen the pain and frustration and betrayal of broken relationships. I have seen the uncertainty and grief of diagnoses. I have seen families face the devastation of a drug addiction.

This life can be difficult.

I haven’t experienced it all. But I have experienced loss, betrayal, devastation, and rejection. God didn’t fix it all. He didn’t swoop in and make it all better. But he made me okay. He held me. He reassured me. He met me in those low places. He brought people into my life at the right times in the right ways. He nourished me. I sometimes sensed him simply sitting with me, sobbing with me, gently reminding me of who he was creating me to become. He didn’t give an explanation for everything, but the more I was with him, the less I needed an explanation. His presence was much more.

I was held.

And so are you.

I do not know how you are hurting right now, but I want you to know you are not alone.

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