My Life with God

In It Together

Screenshot_20200814-111759Five years ago…

We piled onto the playground equipment at a local park, where we met every other week throughout the summer to study God’s Word and do life together. It was a powerful study. It was a comforting community. We represented many ages, faith journeys, families, etc. We engaged in challenging conversations. We struggled to hear each other as a kids camp played nearby or park employees mowed grass. We kept an eye on the young mama’s kids. We invited people to question and explore.

I’ve kept in touch with many of the women but not everyone. I can’t make out every person’s face in the photo. Not everyone was there the day we took the photo. But seeing it in my Timehop each year prompts me to remember and pray.

Pause today and consider the people who have been part of your faith journey. Not matter where you are on that journey right now, consider who God has woven in and out of your life, helping you question, explore, and grow. Some have been part of your life for years, others for a brief season. Some are still living; some are not. Some challenged you in uncomfortable ways; others served as quiet role models and encouragers. Some spoke and taught; others listened and reflected.

Be thankful for those in your journey—reach out and thank someone today.

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