COVID-19, My Life with God

You’re Welcome

photo-1594884433243-ae16389a0a56I was already at work when a friend texted to ask if I minded if she ran by my house to shower between an early morning workout and her work. Of course, I didn’t mind. I admit I quickly ran through a checklist in my mind of what state I’d left my house in. But who was I kidding? My house was rarely very messy, and even if it had a few things out of place, my friend wouldn’t mind. I reminded her where a few things were, then went about my day.

When I arrived home that evening, I realized it didn’t look like anyone had been in my house. I texted her, and she assured me she had been there. I reminded her “next time” she was welcome to anything in the kitchen, including the Keurig, and reminded her where the to go cups were.

She assured me she had helped herself—and didn’t feel as guilty since I extended the invitation after the fact. It made me smile.

I want friends and acquaintances to feel at home in my home. It’s a comforting place to me, and I want it to be the same for others. That might mean there’s a mess sometimes. Something might not be in the cabinet that makes the most sense.

And that’s okay.

Our homes aren’t as readily available to people through this season of health concerns, but it’s just that—a season. How we create and treat our homes is still important. When our homes become a fortress, only for our comfort and refuge, we miss out. Even when people are not coming and going from our homes, we can consider the communities in which we live. We can consider how we do life with others, and how open we are to welcoming others into our lives. Even when our doors aren’t frequently open, our hearts can be.

In a way, I open my heart and home to you every day, because I share life with you.

How can you live well alongside others today?

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