COVID-19, My Life with God

The Honor System

Trick-or-treating at Halloween looked different this year.

Our community scheduled it for two evenings as in previous years, but many were cautious. Some didn’t participate at all. After last year’s experiences in my new neighborhood, I didn’t want to withdraw this year. Plus, kids have had so many challenges that have come with COVID this year. At least I could find a way to provide a bit of festivity.

I wasn’t comfortable opening the door over and over and leaning close to littles as I gave them treats. I decided to try the honor system. I put treats in a picnic basket, attached a sign, and set it outside each night near my front step, where families couldn’t miss it. I turned on my light to invite others to approach the house.

It worked!

I tried not to glance out the window often, so I didn’t look like a creeper, but I heard several people read the sign aloud and discuss their options before deciding. Every now and then, when it was quiet, I stepped outside to check the supply. People weren’t hoarding. They were leaving plenty for others, just as the sign had requested. By the end of the first night, at least two-thirds was gone. I thought the next night would be busier, since it was actual Halloween night, and I was right. I heard a steady stream come and go. The treats lasted a little over an hour before I brought the nearly empty basket inside. I turned off my outside light and kept the remaining half dozen treats in case a friend texted and asked if they could stop by.

It was an odd Halloween, but it was still good. That seems to be a theme of the year. It’s odd, but it can still be good. It takes a bit of creativity and flexibility, but we’re figuring it out. Maybe we can all learn from the honor system. Let’s take a small share and leave the rest for others. Let’s make the efforts we can to help others. Let’s share when we can, connect how we can, and adjust every step of the way.

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