COVID-19, My Life with God

Paper and Print

I shop online a lot, but I like brick and mortar shopping when it’s possible. Through the COVID precautions, I’ve especially tried to support local brick and mortars, even if I ordered online and paid for shipping or scheduled curbside pickup. Recently, I thought about another everyday comparison and application.

I often use a Bible app. (YouVersion is my go-to app for quick-reference.) Like online shopping, it’s easy and convenient. It saves a little time, and I don’t always have my paper and print Bible with me. But the paper and print is worth the effort—not for the same reasons of shopping local brick and mortars. It doesn’t directly help many people around me—or does it? It definitely helps me. It’s where I take notes, jot questions, and engage in ways I can’t in my app. Looking through Bibles of my past, I see my journey. I see how God has grown me. I am reminded of where I’ve been with him, which then points me toward where I can go with him. I don’t use my paper and print Bible every day, but I see and notice it every day.

I know people who set reminders through their apps. It doesn’t work well for me except through the Dwell app, which is excellent for daily readings. My favorite is the chronological plan, and my favorite reader is Felix. (Yes, you can choose the voice and translation. I even listen to Mateo read in Spanish at times, but only when I’m in a familiar enough section of the Bible that my rusty language skills can keep up.)

Because of my use of apps, my paper and print Bibles last a bit longer and have a few less notes in them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I will always have a draw to the paper and print. It feels more personal and interactive to me. I am usually more intentional with it. I physically listen to an app, but I spiritually listen best to paper and print.

We all learn differently, even when we choose not to learn but try to keep things the same. We all grow differently, even if we choose to sit in a quagmire and slow our pace or retreat. How intentional will you be in how you learn and grow today, and ultimately, how you impact the lives around you? I think I’ll pick up my paper and print.

2 thoughts on “Paper and Print”

  1. I love taking notes during sermons and jotting them into the margins of my Bible. I also am fascinated with a Facebook group where people post their Bible journaling…some fabulous artists there! But I became much more consistent with my daily Bible reading when I started using the YouVersion Bible app. It’s the first thing I do before rolling out of bed. And I use another app called Abide to listen to quiet meditations when I get stressed at work.
    But like you, I will always need to have my paper and print Bible!

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