My Life with God

Untwist Faith

God is for us. But he doesn’t work for us. He doesn’t serve us.

We’ve twisted his power. We’ve distorted our relationship. We’ve misguided our faith.

We might not admit it, but when we let our attitudes and actions reveal the truth, we’re exposed. We encourage each other to behave in the right ways and ask the right things, and God will respond the way we want. He’ll provide abundantly in the ways we want. We think we have a lot more power to produce the results from God than what we have. God is the one with power. We don’t jump through hoops for the results he can give us. We pursue the relationship he designed us for in order to know him and honor him. It is all for his glory not for our gain.

He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:3) We don’t decrease in an effort to increase. We don’t sacrifice in order to gain wealth. Faith isn’t about the result. It’s about the relationship. When we begin to distort the relationship, our faith decays. When we believe we can produce certain results with the right words or actions, we give ourselves too much power and refuse to encounter God as he is.

He wants so much more for us. Let’s not short-change what he intends for us.

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