My Life with God

Responding to the Chaos

My heart sank for all that was going on (and continues) in Afghanistan and Haiti. I didn’t really know how to respond. I didn’t want to lessen anything. I didn’t want to politicize anything. 

So I prayed. 

Then I paused because I didn’t quite know what to pray. 

So I prayed God’s promises. I declared God’s character and goodness. I thanked him for his provision in situations I know nothing about. I thanked him for creating each person who is now calling out to him in fear, in faith, in confusion, in pain. Because it all runs together at times. We see the goodness of God in the midst of the ugliness of man. But the ugliness still exists, and it still hurts us. Sometimes it kills us. 

I was frustrated with social media. People whining about having to wear a mask and having their rights taken away. Then seeing people blaming the president for it all. Not that poor decisions haven’t been made, but why must we whine and politicize everything? What has happened to the humanity of all of us? Why are we like this? I struggled. 

And I prayed some more. 

I decided I needed to write something. Even if it is for the simple fact that someone scrolling through social media will be reminded of what is happening and how people are hurting. I’m not listing all our problems. I’m not saying we can sweep our everyday struggles under the rug. But could we pause long enough to see beyond ourselves? Can we not make horrific things that are happening to real life people around the world about us and our government and our borders and our fears? Can we just help carry the burden to show compassion and respect humans and love others and mourn with them.? 

Can we just pause?

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