My Life with God

A Tweet for Us All

One year ago, I replied to someone on Twitter. Who it was doesn’t matter, because knowing would probably put you in one of two camps: one of affirmation or one of anger. That’s what we do, allow statements to divide us. Not knowing the context of this statement invites you to imagine the situations in which it applies.

I’m confident it applies to each of us. We assume, accuse, and divide. We chronically lack empathy, patience, and humility. We point a finger at others as we personify some of the same qualities and behavior we are accusing. I know we don’t see it that way. We can justify ourselves because we think we’re familiar with our motives.

We say others are disrespectful as we refuse to be respectful. We say others are naïve when we’re keeping our contact and conversations to limited circles. We say others are being divisive and uncooperative as if the only way to unite is to agree with us. Our accusations—in words, behaviors, and attitudes—are not attractive. Authentic weaknesses position us to learn. Weaknesses resulting from our pride erode our character.

There is hope, and it starts with humility, which only seems counter-intuitive when we’ve allowed pride to take root. Uproot it and begin to trust God through your humility, and you’ll find it’s a challenging, comforting, growth-producing posture.

Let’s choose humility. It will discern but not divide.

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