My Life with God

Stuff That Separates

Get rid of the stuff that separates you from God.

It’s a simple statement. It’s not unique. We hear it in many forms, yet when I heard it recently, I paused.

No matter how close I feel to God, there is stuff that separates me from him. When I don’t feel close to him, it doesn’t mean I’m not. In fact, it’s not about my feelings. I need to be more authentic about my relationship with him, and that includes two of us: me and God. To consider what is separating us, I have to consider a broader perspective.

  • What have I allowed to take root that God wants to uproot or prune?
  • In what timing and approach does he want to discipline and refresh me?
  • What does his character reveal about our relationship?
  • How do his truth and promises guide my next steps?
  • How can God’s perspective influence mine?

Get rid of the stuff that separates you from God is a simply phrase, but it’s an ever-changing challenge and encouragement. We grow because of it if we’re willing.

Take time today to consider if you’re willing.

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