COVID-19, My Life with God

Time for a We Thing

We’ve all been beat up a little bit in the past couple years. I’ve noticed some people aren’t as ready to admit it, because we’d prefer to blame people. Or we prefer to get defensive or claim we’ve done everything we wanted to do and have no issues. But in order to heal, we’re going to have to come together. That doesn’t mean we have to agree. We don’t have to be the same. We can walk alongside each other without sharing the exact same path and process. We can discuss issues without isolating and ostracizing individuals.

We are hurting each other. For what benefit? We can say we’re doing it for the betterment of our communities. We can say we’re doing it out of consideration for others. We can say we’re doing it for the future of health or rights. We can try to prove our points and rationalize our view. Standing for something isn’t the issue; how we do it is. We need to stop stomping on others. We need to consider the future of relationships.


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