Fractured Into Wholeness, My Life with God

No Apology Needed?

Why do we apologize?

It’s important to know our why. Sometimes, our reason isn’t the healthiest. We jump to apologize or reason why we shouldn’t apologize for distorted reasons.

Apologies should not be based on a need to make ourselves feel better. We apologize because we were wrong. We hurt others. We need to make something right or, at least, try to make something right. To apologize for any other reason won’t have the same healing, healthy effect.

When we’re not willing to apologize in healthy ways (or at all), we will likely hurt additional people. It might not seem that way at first. It’s okay if the apology doesn’t make everything right, but the lack of apology or the manner of it can definitely make the initial wrong multiply. If we’re not willing to be healthy with others, we can at least not spread that unhealthiness to others.

We often spend less time and energy on a redemption process and more time and effort attempting to prove ourselves, even to ourselves. We want to believe we’re better than that pain we caused—and maybe we are. But do we move on and pretend something didn’t happen or we weren’t an integral part of it, or do we take responsibility? Do we try to balance out what we did wrong, or are we healthy and humble enough to face those inmost pieces of ourselves and heal, as we consider others as well?

How we respond speaks to our character and strengthens (or erodes) our relationships.

Today is a good day to be healthy.

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