My Life with God

The Comfort of Pinecones

A friend had more-than-usual pinecones last fall. She asked if I wanted any. I had no idea how I’d use them, and I typically don’t take things “just in case,” but I was pretty sure I’d find a use for them.

Several days later, she and her husband were on their way through town and asked to drop them off. We ended up visiting for over an hour, and it was good to reminisce and catch up. Several days later, the bag of pinecones in my garage caught my eye. I still didn’t know how I’d use them but knew they had value simply by connecting my friends and me.

A month or more later, I was decorating for Christmas. I replaced some outside potted flowers with artificial pine trees for the winter. Then I knew exactly how to use the pine cones. I placed them underneath each tree in the pot, and I loved the effect. Not many would see them, but I knew they were there, sprinkling the entrance walkway to my house with a reminder of good friendship. When my granddaughter wanted to carry a pinecone inside, I told her “of course.” It’s as if the pinecones came full circle, reminding me of the many blessings in my life. My home is filled with reminders and hope of friendships.

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