My Life with God

Crooked Lines

I started to hand-quilt the first of two baby quilts, and my stitches were crooked. I started again. Still crooked. I continued, wondering if I had lost the ability to quilt in a straight line or if I was simply out of practice. It had been less than a year and a half since my last quilt, but it felt longer.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before my stitches straightened and I got into the groove again.

There are times we can’t seem to get something straight, for a variety of reasons. We are out of practice, trying something new, inattentive, rushed, or pushing ahead before we’ve learned well. We might be stubborn or impatient. We might give up easily. We might get mad at ourselves or take it on on someone else. We might be okay with inconsistencies of the process. We might embrace the learning curve.

Would a machine create straighter lines? Yes, and sometimes a machine is the best option. But there are many times, for one reason or another, we need to put in the effort and humility and allow a little crookedness that might just point to a more straight pattern.

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