My Life with God

The Gratitude Process

I’ve been working on a writing project for at least two years. That might not seem long to some, but to me, it does. Sometimes I mull through an idea for a long time, but once I start the actual writing, it typically doesn’t take me long.

This one has been different.

It’s not as if I’ve been working on it on a regular basis. It’s been hit and miss. About a half year ago, I was struggling with the process. Instead of trying to set aside time to work on the project, I set aside time to sit in the process. I realized my struggle was because of my focus. I was thinking of it more as a finished product than a process.

God didn’t give me the project to present to others. He invited me to process it with him. Once I acknowledged and accepted his invitation, my attitude change. My approach changed. My timetable changed. I no longer felt pressure. It became more of a partnership and exploration.

Have I made much progress on the project since then? Well, it depends on how you define progress. I know I’ve certainly grown in the subject matter and in my relationship with God. And if I get that right, whatever the end result becomes will be worth the time, sacrifice, faith, and humility.

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