My Life with God

Test the Friendship

Of course, we’re friends.

But would you work together on a group project? How would it go?

Most people I know have a strong opinion about group projects. All of us at least have experiences—perhaps some good and definitely some bad. Some go back to our school days. Others are more recent work projects, volunteer committees, and family gatherings. When it comes to our friends, we will usually jump right into the fun stuff. We’ll plan vacations or events to celebrate together. Even the best situations can be challenging—managing priorities, costs, and timeframes.

Ask yourself what other types of group projects possible among your friends.

  • Write a book together.
  • Design or build a house together.
  • Raise money together.
  • Start and run a nonprofit together.
  • Work on a political campaign together.

We all bring strengths and weaknesses to our friendships, and we understand one another when we’re in our expected comfort zones and routines, but what happens to our friendships as we approach the unfamiliar? How do we communicate? How do we deal with conflicts? How do we stay committed through the highs and lows?

It’s worth considering, because it reveals a lot about our friendships and ourselves.

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