My Life with God


Recordings run in the back of your mind at all times. You might find yourself exhausted even though you don’t have busy days, but you have that pending doctor’s visit or looming financial deadline you don’t notice in the front of your mind, and the thought easily pushes its way to the forefront anytime your mind is otherwise quiet. It affects your energy and focus. You might have repetitive messages you heard in past experiences and relationships. You might have current issues that impact you on a moment-by-moment basis.

It’s as if a playlist is playing on loop in the background of your mind. You continue to live out your daily life, many times not even acknowledging something other than what you’re focused upon exists in your mind, yet you catch yourself humming along with the background tune. You wonder why that tune—or thought—continues to pop into your mind.

While everything in your life impacts you in some way, not everything in your life needs to be recorded and saved, not to mention repeatedly replayed on a loop. Some things need to be deleted or downplayed or mixed with other experiences in order to give it the context it needs. You won’t be able to perfectly mix the soundtrack of your life. You don’t know all the available sounds and experiences of life, and you especially don’t know how everything can mix, compare, and complement. God does. He knows what you need to incorporate as a bass line or chorus and what needs to be compressed, cut, or diffused. God knows. Only he has the perspective you need. The soundtrack of your life changes, but he knows how to best transition from one verse to another. Trust him to record, and re-record, every note.

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