My Life with God


What is in your life that you need to reduce? What’s consuming too much time or energy? Perhaps it’s not something that needs to be weeded out altogether—it’s not a bad thing in and of itself—but it simply preoccupies you too often. You’re on social media much more than you need to be. It might be work, exercise, shopping, entertainment, eating, or many other things. Again, it’s not something that is bad, but you need moderation. Moderation provides balance in your life. When you apply moderation in your life, you know what God says is okay and what isn’t, and you weed out what isn’t benefitting your relationship with him and place him in the center of everything that benefits your relationship with him. God becomes the center of everything you do so that he guides you in the what and how much of everything.

It’s not an easy process, because people around us tell us we can have what we want, we deserve what we want, and if we dream and work hard, we can have it all. If we don’t have it all, we must not have worked hard or dreamed enough, or we simply haven’t figured out how to do things on our own well enough. Some messages we hear aren’t truthful. We can’t become what we imagine and achieve what we dream. We can become what God intends and achieve what he purposes when we’re in a growing relationship with him. God’s imagination and achievement capabilities are much grander than yours can ever be, so ask him how he wants you to take the next steps with him, and hang on!

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