My Life with God

I Didn’t Know

My voice was rapidly deteriorating. My throat was scratchy. I assumed it was the result of catching up with a best friend day after day during a long weekend getaway, staying up late many of the nights. It’s always a trigger for my voice. When I’m home, I drink some ThroatCoat tea with honey, and it serves as a reset. But we were on the road.

We pulled through Starbucks, and my friend asked if I wanted a Medicine Ball. “What is that?”

I soon followed up with, “How did I not know about this?”

Not only was it delicious; it worked on my voice and my throat.

I’ve been to Starbucks countless times. I’d tried many of their hot teas. I still had no idea about the Medicine Ball. But I’m glad my friend educated me.

There is so much I don’t know. Most of it I never will. It’s not possible to gather all the information in the world. Much of it I don’t need to know. I could have survived never learning about the Medicine Ball. But there are many, more important truths I not only need to seek but also embrace and constantly correct. That’s growth—not simply in information but in experience, wisdom, and faith.

Look around. Ask questions. Be curious.

Grow in truth, discernment, and righteousness.

Perhaps that first Medicine Ball was stronger than I thought.

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