My Life with God

How to Excel at Multi-Tasking

I’m decently adequate at multi-tasking—but I’m not the best.

God is. He can do a lot at once. Perhaps more important, he has the wisdom to know when to do what and when to not.

Multi-tasking isn’t about accomplishing a lot; it’s not a mastery of juggling. We don’t have to keep all sorts of objects, tasks, and people in the air, balancing it all. Multi-tasking is much more intentional. We need to be sensitive to what to focus us and when, how much emotional energy and time to invest and when, who to involve and who to exclude for a short season or longer. Multi-tasking isn’t about our priorities. We need more of a reality check of truth. We need a broader perspective of wisdom.

We need discernment.

No matter how adequate or excellent a multitasking you believe you are, there is room for improvement—room for discernment. And God is generous with our access to discernment, because it’s directly related to our access to him.

Access to God is always available. So, instead of trying to figure out how we’re going to get it all done, how we’ll juggle what’s in front of us, how we’re going to keep our head above water, what if we focus on him and let him guide us one step at a time—not just want we’re supposed to do next but who we are becoming right now. With our eyes on him, we’ll always move toward him, becoming more like him—multitasking along the way.

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