Difference-Making Prayers

b1bec95e2d0afe07bb1cc4b8206a1c86The Lord, the God of Israel, says: “Because you prayed to Me…” (Isaiah 37:21a)

Our prayers make a difference.

That’s not to claim we always get what we want. But when we seek God as we pray, we step toward lining up with Him. Our prayers make a difference, not just in the context but in the relationship.

We don’t have to apologetically back into prayer. “I’m so sorry to bother you, God. This is such a little thing. I know you’ve heard it before.” Oh, He still listens to us regardless of how we approach Him. Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all. Approaching Him in any way is better than not approaching Him at all.

But we can be bold. We can declare who He is. We can set aside our insecurities, because the One we’re to talking to is our security.

And He says, “Because you prayed to Me…”

Are We Neutral, or Do We Not Care?

Sometimes being neutral is just apathy. We claim neutrality, because we don’t want to take the time or effort to care. We don’t want to find out too much, because knowledge comes with responsibility. We’ve seen how information has impacted others. We’ve seen anger, stubbornness, and what seems to be futile arguments, and we don’t want any part of it. But when we avoid the negativity that can come with familiarity with an issue or situation, we also miss out on possible compassion.

We can’t be invested in every single issue, but when we’re faced with it, we need to explore it with honesty and sensitivity. We will always be able to find someone who knows more or is more passionate about an issue than we are, but that doesn’t mean we refuse to ask questions and make a difference in a small way.

As we pursue truth and justice, we might see a couple different perspectives, and we feel we’re neutral, but perhaps it’s just that we stand on some shared ground. We still care. We still listen. We’re not apathetic. We need to check out motivation behind claiming neutrality. If it’s the easy way out, we’re not taking responsibility. Apathy is dangerous, unstable ground on which to stand.