Who’s There?

When we exited the tunnels of Akko, Israel, the sun was setting over the Mediterranean Sea. I saw a few lights start to dot the horizon and wondered who was out there and what were they doing.

11.2.14 Akko Crusader city coastline (2)
©2014 PurePurpose.org


We drove inland to Tiberias, and all along the way, lights dotted the land. Sometimes there was just one or two lights. Many times, there were clusters of lights. Again, I wondered what each light represented. Who lived in its brightness? What were their lives like? What were they doing right then? Was a baby being born? Was someone crying in grief? Was someone working, providing for hungry children? Was someone praying, praising God for provision? I took a moment a prayed as I tried to focus on one light at a time. I might not know the details of each life, but God does.

I’m supposed to be a light for Him in this world. How am I doing? Am I shining in the darkness? Do I offer people God’s hope? Do I help others see Him? I wonder…

How about you?

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