My Life with God

Willing to Wait

Moses replied to them, “Wait here until I hear what the LORD commands for you.” (Numbers 9:8)

We don’t like to wait. We’re used to being able to Google just about anything we want to know. Whether we can trust the source or not has become a secondary concern to our quick access to information. If we “feel” something is right, we believe we have enough confirmation to move forward. Instead of asking, “What would God want from and for me in this situation?,” we more often ask, “Why wouldn’t God want this for me?” (if we ask anything about or from God at all).

We expect direction on our own terms in our own timing instead of being willing to wait for the best terms and best timing.

But waiting pays off. It’s not about the end result of getting the right answer and instruction, although that’s certainly important. It’s more about the process, the reliance on God, the trust we gain in building a relationship with Him.

Be willing to wait.

For what?

I can’t tell you the specifics. That’s part of the waiting process. But I can guarantee that if you’re willing to wait, you will “get” God. Watch for Him. Pay attention. Listen. He will always respond.

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