My Life with God

I Can Do All Things. So Can You.

3d9c286b98ecf3d0f35770f4ac10319cI don’t do everything well. There are some things I will never try to do. Some things I attempt result in what looks like failure, but my attempt might be the whole point and, therefore, the reason to celebrate.

I rarely say “I can’t.” But I also don’t believe I am powerful, talented, or wise enough to be able to do anything and everything. I may not say “I can’t,” but I say “I shouldn’t” when I know an option I have isn’t the option I should take. I say “I can,” but only when I trust God to give me the power, talent, or wisdom I need to proceed. Not because He promises a specific outcome but because He promises His guidance and provision through the process. The process of trusting Him is much more important than an expected result.

I can do all things…through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

I don’t ask Him to rubber stamp the things I want to do. “All things” isn’t my determination. It is His. I can follow Him well. I can trust Him.

So can you.

Ask Him what the next thing is, then let Him strengthen you through it.

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