My Life with God

What Changes You

photo-1446317109212-0d94545661d0We all have things that happen to and around us. We have many experiences that potentially change us. And let’s hope we change! Change can be growth, and growth is essential to a healthy life. But let’s be honest: change isn’t always good. We don’t choose well. We don’t choose health. We get confused and disoriented, and what we think will help or fulfill us has the opposite effect. Our choices can deplete us.

We can invite the changes in our lives to make us resolute or cynical. Not resolute in obstinacy but in perseverance and priorities. We can become determined to persevere in character, letting God chip away what is unnecessary and build what is helpful and truthful. Or we can stubbornly become harsh and cynical, expecting the worst and driving people away in the process. We can become so stubbornly certain of ourselves that we end up backed into a dark corner on our own. On the contrary, being resolute in healthy ways involves standing in the truth of the light and interacting with people with compassion, patience, and humility.

Give it some thought. Are you choosing to become more resolute or more cynical?

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