My Life with God

Work Out Hard

photo-1520774779505-a7782b3fb733Sometimes I need a hard workout. I am typically more of a “settle in with a good pace and relax” workout person. I get many benefits from the length and pace of my workout. I typically push in duration and stamina more than power and speed.

But there are days I simply need to work something out, not just just physically but spiritually. There are times the most motivating sound piping through my earbuds is a sermon or worship music. Sometimes a wholehearted worship pours out of me with an intensity that spurs me forward. Other times, I’m wrestling with God with an intensity that prompts bursts of power.

It amazes me at times how worship can be powerful in such different ways. Sometimes it is a settling into, calming and reassuring me. Other times it is a leaning forward in anticipation and readiness. Still other times, worship is full of power that can push me in uncomfortable but all the right strength and directions. I feel sore and bruised for days but thankful for the preparation I know is happening.

Working out can be worship, and worship often involves a working out of something. And that working out can be hard at times.

Lace up those shoes and lean into the wind as it tries to blow you back. Push a little bit more than your comfort zone allows. Fill your lungs and sweat it out. You might be sore the next morning, but being spiritually sore is better than being spiritually lazy.

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