My Life with God

Welcome Home

RenderedI1A social media post caught my eye. I don’t spend a lot of effort or money decorating my home, but a sign caught my attention. A few days later, when I looked at a house and decided to buy it, I knew exactly where that sign would go. But I couldn’t remember it enough to describe it well, and I couldn’t find it. Eventually, it popped up again, and I immediately saved it and sent it to a friend who has made many beautiful signs.

“Any chance you can make this for me?”
“I’ve actually been wanting to make one of those for myself, so you’re giving me a good reason to try it!”

A few weeks later, she sent me a photo of the sign to ask me what I thought. It was exactly what I wanted. I still knew exactly where it belonged in my new home.

I was working alone in the new house when my friend stopped by with the sign. She refused to let me pay for it. Instead, it was her housewarming gift to me. We talked and caught up with each other’s lives, then she left. But she returned a couple hours later. I had mentioned not having the right tool with me to take off the toilet seat and replace it. She brought her husband with the right tool to help.

After they left, I looked at my new sign that said HOME.

Tears flooded my eyes as gratitude flooded my heart. God’s provision as he helped me make a new home overwhelmed me.

Sometimes he provides in practical ways, and sometimes he provides in creative, personal ways. Sometimes he provides in mysterious ways. The timing and approach of his provision aren’t always what I expect or enjoy, but his provision is always abundantly good.

He is providing today, at this moment. Pay attention, and choose gratitude.

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