My Life with God


photo-1582121427803-c98a63da3c5dWe can view consistency as monotony.

It can be. It doesn’t have to be.

In the weeks leading up to Easter, I worked through a book of prayers. While it’s not my faith background’s tradition, many faiths and denominations build consistency into prayers. Not only were the times of prayers consistent throughout each day, but some of the prayers themselves wove throughout each other and circled back to connect.

It didn’t seem monotonous. It seemed alive and vibrant. It’s as if the consistency provided strong threads of truth reminders. The consistency also emphasized questions. As I wondered about something, I’d find myself repeating similar questions later or being sensitive to clues and answers.

Unattended consistency is monotony. Intentional consistency is growth-producing.

Our consistency is always flawed. And it should be. That’s what happens as we grow. We must be willing to be changed. But the intention with which we create consistency in our lives determines our direction. Habits guide our spiritual focus and fitness.

We are all consistent in some ways. Be honest about your consistencies, then make the changes that will challenge and grow your faith.

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