COVID-19, My Life with God

Perfect Quarantine

received_576827692937676I shared this with many of my friends. It was a fun, quick test to take and share the results. We enjoyed figuring out the reasons behind each person’s response, and who would end up in the same house, which of course negates the quarantine aspect.

It’s a reminder of how we consider the good and the bad. We want our list of options to include the best stuff. We don’t want that last item on the list that challenges our comfort. Perhaps our choice of a preferred quarantine house gives some insight as to whether we primarily look for the good and overlook the bad or focus on the bad and let it (and our avoidance of it) drive our choices.

It’s not just about a quarantine house. This provides a peek into our approach to options in our lives. What do we seek? At what cost? What will we attempt to avoid or ignore? At what cost?

I’ve seen and heard so many people dwell on one challenge in their lives and give up so many great things, because they weren’t willing to face the “dealbreaker” challenge. I’ve seen them walk away from one thing but simultaneously lose many other things in their lives as part of the decision. The good things weren’t good enough to outweigh the sacrifice they might have to make.

I’ve seen people choose other options because they see the good things on the alternate list; they just haven’t taken into consideration the negative things they’ll have to deal with. Maybe they’ll learn it’s still better than what they had; maybe they’ll learn, in time, they paid too high of a price.

And maybe some are paying too high of a price where they are. They’re not willing to be bold enough to make a change, or they’re not humble enough to admit their mistakes and reconcile the past.

I don’t know what you’re reasons are for where you are, where you’re left, or where you’re heading. However, to the best of your ability, consider the broader perspective. Let God open your eyes to the costs and possibilities.

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