My Life with God

The Pause and Priorities

I recently had a weekend of transition. It was a pause between. There were several aspects the weekend served as a line between a before and after. And it was a wonderful weekend to breathe.

I was productive and peaceful, which seem to contradict one another but often go hand in hand. When we have clarity and minimal on the mind and calendar, we can be mindful of what we’re inviting into our lives. Perhaps we inviting and allowing busyness, chaos, and stress.

Maybe you can’t have the same kind of day or weekend immediately, but look forward and mark the margin you can create. You can even create a small margin today. You might feel there is too much and nothing will give enough to invite space, but it’s important.

So are many other things. You wouldn’t do what you do if it wasn’t important, right? It’s an fair question. We can often assign importance that is too heavy or too light. Our displacement of priorities throws our life off balance, and that’s when the stress presses in. We need to take inventory. What’s on your mind, in your heart, and on your calendar and to do list? It might be time to make some adjustments.

It’s time to pause, reprioritize, weed out the junk, and get some things right.

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