Fractured Into Wholeness, My Life with God

Potential Gain

It’s often the things we feel are pulled away from us that we grieve the most. They are also what invites us to trust God through confusing, excruciating pain and devastation. We would not intentionally invite that pain, yet we can see small shoots of growth—reminders of hope and gratitude. Sometimes the loss we experience results in gain. It’s not a replacement but a different sort of gain—a strange and often subdued appreciation. We may never celebrate the loss itself, but we find some appreciation within the gain of the context.

What have you lost? What do you feel was torn away from you? A person, relationship, position, opportunity, health? The grief process, as exhausting and painful as it is, is critical. Be patient with yourself. Hang onto even the thinnest sliver of hope that you will experience a gain of some sort at some time. God provides in creative and merciful ways.

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