My Life with God

More Birds!

I walked through an area of birds at the zoo with my daughter and granddaughter. Just outside the area, my granddaughter exclaimed, “And there are more birds! So many birds to see!”

There were indeed more birds. They were simply walking around on their own with no cage or net to keep them in place. But that made sense, because they were common starlings. We’re that way with God’s creation at times. We have a concept of what a bird is because it’s familiar to us, but we don’t expand our concept to all the possibilities of the many species of birds we might never personally experience or even know exist. And the same is true with the way we consider God’s perspective. We take what is familiar to us. We ooh and aah about the smallest things as if they are the grandest. In some ways, that’s good. We appreciate what is in front of us. But if it is at the expense of looking for and considering bigger things of God’s provision and purpose, we can limit ourselves. We can limit our view of God. We can limit our faith in him.

We sometimes stay in the reality of what we know instead of pursuing God’s reality. We dwell in the reality we know instead of the possibilities we don’t—the possibilities that are part of God’s reality. He doesn’t have such division. His perspective is full, and his reality is full. Of course, we cannot fully experience or acknowledge all that is possible with God, but we can search. We can appreciate as we discover. We can ask him to reveal his creation and his perspective.

God likes to share.

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