My Life with God

A Community Bouquet

I came home from a meeting and noticed a beautiful vase of flowers in my garage. What? Who? Why?

I only read one side of the tag. Had I read the other side completely, I would have quickly solved the mystery. Instead, I accused a couple friends who know my routine. It wasn’t a bad accusation. After all, I assumed their compassion. I wanted to solve the mystery to thank someone. At least one of them pointed me in the right direction.

The flowers reminded me of my mom’s gardens—such a vibrant spray of colors and textures. My friend’s mother-in-law has abundant and gorgeous flower beds and has been sharing with others. I was a blessed recipient. She grew the flowers, cut them, and arranged them. Her daughter-in-law thought of me. Her son delivered them. Many people were involved, and I appreciated every one of them.

Several people came together to share a simple yet beautiful blessing, just as several flowers were placed together in a clear vase to become a beautiful reminder of God’s creativity, beauty, and provision. I love the way he creates and provides in community. And I continue to enjoy the tangible supply of his community in my home.

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