My Life with God

Prayers by Tap

What happens in the moment when you like a post or respond to it? What about when you read or hear a request for prayer or other action? I think many of us respond more quickly than we should. It’s too easy to respond with a tap on the like, love, or care button. It’s easy to even type “Praying for you!” Are we, really? Think about it: how quickly do you continue to scroll after you type those words or tap on the emoji? We need to be more thoughtful in our responses. What if we didn’t respond online or to a text until we actually prayed? What if we set an alarm on our phone to pray on specific dates and times? What if we wrote a note to people after we prayed for them? What if we sometimes didn’t mention it at all? It’s good to share what will encourage others, but we always need to keep our motivations in check. We need to be aware of why we want someone to know, why we add to the social media thread, why we click the reaction button. Is it an acknowledgement or a commitment? 

Check yourself today. Take a breath before responding. Be authentically engaged and invested in others.

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