My Life with God


What have you wanted to recreate? Have you ever wanted to change a situation or timing in order to learn from it better or enjoy it more? Perhaps you’ve read a book and thought, “If only I’d heard that ten years ago.” Perhaps you’ve listened to a speaker and thought, “If only so-and-so was here to hear this.” Perhaps you believed your vacation was almost perfect, but one family member was missing—or, perhaps it would have been perfect if one family member had been missing! Even when your preference for a slight or major change, or re-creation, of something is driven by good intentions, the bottom line is that you’re dissatisfied with something. You might use statements such as if only or what if.

What if you turned what if into what is? Focusing on what you’re missing can easily lead to discontent, and it can pull your attention away from the purpose and provision God has for you. You can miss the blessing God intends by looking away from him. As you trust and follow God, he is recreating your life. He created it in the first place. He knows you intimately. He knows your past, present and future. He knows the hope and promise of your life. He knows how to weave the disappointments, mistakes, and suffering into your purpose. God gives you freedom to choose, and he’ll use whatever choices you make, but you must trust his timing and wisdom along the way. You might want to see the results of God’s work in your life much more quickly than is good for your re-creation. Growth takes time and effort, and you have to yield, respond, and be obedient in order to get results. You might not even see some of the results. Some of the results come in what seems to be a disconnect to the learning process—either in time or situation. However, you can trust your Creator to re-create the best you possible on this earth. God knows what he’s doing.

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