My Life with God

Listen to Speak

I haven’t been where you are right now. But I know what it is like to feel….

  • uncertain
  • betrayed
  • sad
  • disappointed
  • reluctant
  • nervous
  • overwhelmed

We can find a way to connect, empathize, and support a person even if we haven’t been in their shoes. It’s not our job to define their emotions and experience. How we’d feel and respond in a situation isn’t how someone else would. We don’t project. We don’t take charge and assume. We might not even verbalize how someone is feeling or how we can relate. Some people wouldn’t be able to express themselves accurately anyway. They don’t have the clarity in the middle of experience.

We listen.

There is often space to speak into someone’s life. We speak both gently and firmly. But without patience, humility, respect, truth, and reflection, we will rarely speak well.

Listen well. Relate well. Connect well. Then you will be able to speak well.

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