My Life with God

The Blasphemy of Hate

If God is love, nothing is more blasphemous than hate.

Love should not be twisted to excuse and rationalize what we prefer. Love challenges us out of our comfort zone much of the time. It’s tempting to declare someone else’s actions and words aren’t loving, and sometimes the evidence is weighty, but we often cannot clearly determine the root motivation of others—as well as ourselves.

Similarly, hate should not be twisted to excuse and rationalize what we prefer it to be. Hate can keep us as much in our comfort zone than out of it. It doesn’t have to be grossly harsh and angry; it can be subtle, so integrated into who we are that it seems less of a choice and more of a disposition.

People mask their hate with deception that can make sense to others as well as themselves. Surrounded with strategically-positioned acts of kindness and well-woven recollections and expressions, the weeds of deeply rooted hate can appear more like a flower. Like a dandelion, it will also spread the seeds of more hate.

Love is more of a vast root system. Love is always connected. Like aspen trees are connected with the unseen expansive roots beneath the surface, love can only come from a deep, endless source. We are only the vessel, and it’s necessary for us to remain connected to sustain the life-giving love that encourages and strengthens others.

Love is authentic, pure, humble, and trustworthy—because it’s part of God’s identity.

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