My Life with God

Intentionally Invest

388107931bd96d2eca51386759dd4c45What can you do to help others grow, no matter where they are?

Intentionally invest in them.

We need each other. God makes connecting with others prominent throughout Scripture. He created us to be different, and sometimes those differences cause conflict, confusion, and frustration, yet He also uses those differences to sharpen and nourish us. We don’t understand others. We don’t struggle with the same things. We don’t approach opportunities and problems in the same ways. We aren’t motivated by the same things. Yet we need each other.

No matter what the situation, you can intentionally invest in people, not with your own standards and priorities but by God’s. He knows what other people need, and He knows what we need through the process, too. He knows when we need to give space, confront, apologize, forgive, be patient, be bold, and be still. In all things, we need to be humble. Even if we are right, we must be humble in God’s authority, letting Him guide, because He will surprise us. He will challenge us. He will grow us. And He will bless us.

He is intentionally investing in you. You can trust Him. Pass it on.