My Life with God

Help! … Oh, I Got This.

will-you-help-meI needed to drive in some heavy snow, and I wasn’t excited about it. Looking online at the road conditions, I was concerned. Was it worth the risk?

I decided I could always turn back. I’d take it slow. I prayed a lot and asked for God’s help. He gave me peace.

Peace doesn’t take away all the risks and concerns. It doesn’t assure things will turn out the way I want or expect. It simply provides a firm foundation to accept the process and outcome. It’s trust that God is bigger, more powerful, wiser.

As I drove through the snow, I soon realized the roads weren’t as bad as I thought. I still had to be careful. But my thoughts began to shift. My full reliance and trust in God through my prayers subsided, ebbed out by my thoughts of “This isn’t so bad. I’m doing fine. I’ve got this.”

How often do we cry out to God to help, then pat ourselves on the back when the stress eases and we can see a positive outcome? How often do we encourage others to do the same as we affirm them for the way they handled something?

The only confidence we can truly rely on is God-confidence. Self-confidence might seem solid, but it will crumble. We can’t rely on ourselves, no matter what the world tells us. We’re not the same today as we were yesterday. Our lives are like shifting sand. Only God is unchanging. Only He is completely trustworthy. Only He has the power, wisdom, and perspective to guide best. Sure, we might choose well at times, but “best”? That’s reserved for God.

You can ask Him for help. You can trust Him to give it…in His timing and His way.