My Life with God

Belief Isn’t Private

We think our beliefs are our own. After all, they seem private. No matter how secure we feel with them or how aggressively we wrestle with them, they feel like ours. No one takes the exact same path, so no one can quite believe what we believe. And if we own our beliefs, they are ours, and we can do with them what we want. They are no one else’s business, right?

Yet we do life with others. Community is intricately tied to our beliefs. We do not have to agree on everything with the people around us to live in community with them, but we cannot isolate our relationship with God from others. The Bible is riddled with covenant community, oneness with others. All in the context of God’s truth, we encourage each other, love one another, live at peace with one another, admonish each other, accept each other, and bear each other’s burdens.

Life together is messy, but it’s essential, not in every area except faith but throughout our journeys of faith. And that requires humility with each other and with God.


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