Divorce, My Life with God

What Now?

photo-1542251224-3e60f8d50cd8“What do you do with your God now?”

Someone asked me the question about a month after my ex shocked all of us and announced he was leaving the marriage, family, and friends. It was a valid question from someone who had wrestled for an authentic relationship with God, a relationship that was tainted by he influence of others who claimed truths about their own relationships with God then belied those truths in everyday life.

My answer might have seemed simple, but there is unexplainable depth to it.

“I trust him.”

What someone else does or doesn’t do doesn’t change God. What I do or don’t do doesn’t change God. That would be a god made in my own image and dependent on my own perspective and experiences. Faith in that god doesn’t last long, and it definitely doesn’t hold up to the turmoil and pressures of daily life.

What do I do with my God now? I trust him. I follow him. I believe him for who he says he is, who he says I am, and what he says he can and will do. I watch him work, and I let him work in and through me.

I choose him, over and over. I know him, more and more. I let him be God, and lean into him with relentless pursuit. Why? Because no matter what is going on in this world, I can trust him.

3 thoughts on “What Now?”

  1. Yes, we trust Him because He is always there in spite of the worldly challenges that are part of the sin in the world. That would have been a horrible thing to walk away from God when my husband walked away from me. He was/is my survival – I trust Him too.


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