My Life with God

Our Present

photo-1480632563560-30f503c09195Let us not so much seek the gifts He may give us as the company He will keep with us. Our present is His presence. – Phil Needham, Christmas Breakthrough

A dear ministry friend posted the quote on social media last week, and it paused me.

Our present is His presence.

And we receive our present every day of the year, every moment of the day. God is present—whether or not we choose to intentionally seek and mindfully live in his presence. It is a choice that each of have to make.

It is ironic that the time of the year we set aside to celebrate Jesus’ birth is often the time in which we allow distractions to crowd him out. We choose other things—often good things, but not the best things. But when we choose Jesus first, we find we don’t miss out on much; we simply have a stable core around which everything else is built. We filter everything through his perspective, and our joy is grounded and abundant.

Perhaps the best present you can give God is your choice to still yourself in his presence. Right now. Steep and savor.

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