Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Caring for Kids

My daughters are grown, but I remember the days of exhausted motherhood well. I loved being a stay-at-home mom when they were littles, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but whether you’re home all day with your kids or balance outside work with motherhood, there are times when you feel as if cloning yourself into multiple mommies still wouldn’t be enough for what needs to get done. Someone needs food. Someone needs a bandage. Someone needs a book read. Someone needs a hug. Someone needs a bath. Someone needs a doctor’s visit. Someone needs clothes changed. And you need to pick up the toys that keep throwing themselves in your path just when you need to get somewhere quickly. You need to find the keys you’re sure you hung on the hook. You need to change the clothes you’re not even sure how long you’ve been wearing. And a bubble bath, five seconds of alone time, and a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee would definitely be a bonus.

Not to mention that when all this is going on, many well-intentioned women are smiling and assuring you these are the best years of your life and they go by too quickly, so don’t blink. Blink? You want more than a blink. You need a long nap.

[Insert deep breath here.]

You know you’re supposed to be thankful, because we all know there are many women struggling to have children and mourning the loss of children. We don’t want to seem ungrateful, but the truth is, our days and heads are spinning so quickly, we don’t know how to begin to be grateful. Motherhood can seem overwhelming—even praying about it seems overwhelming. There’s no doubt you’re thankful for your kids. You’re thankful to be a mom. But you can be more specific. Find gratitude in the details of your day.

  • Thank God for the little toes that help balance your little one. Ask God to guide you as you balance your life as he intends.
  • Thank God for the trust of your children as you kiss boo-boos. Ask God to meet you in the middle of your hurts and help you heal in his ways and timing.
  • Thank God for the messiest of diapers. God cleans up the biggest messes of life. Quit walking around in an uncomfortable, stinky mess. Let him clean you up.
  • Thank God in the consistency of meal times. God prepares the kind of food you need. Commit to trusting his spiritual nourishment instead of trying to prepare your own.
  • Thank God for the quiet times. They don’t come often, just like in our lives. God gives us peace among the chaos of faithful living. Know God regardless of the situation. He doesn’t change.

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