My Life with God

Go Big. Go Home.

go big

Jesus did. He did life big. And He went home.

We could get caught up in the definition of “big.” What does that entail? How daring do I have to be? How much of my own way do I have to give up? How much can I decide on my own? What exactly do I need to choose right now? What can I put off for later? Who can I call to pull some strings? Who is setting a good example? How can I get beyond the mistakes I’ve made?

We don’t need to make it complicated. But we do have to know how “home” is defined. Once you know that, you know you’re only here for a season. In the timeline of eternity, your life is a dot. But, oh, how rich that dot can be.

Know your home. God is preparing a place for you.

Live well. God doesn’t ask for perfection, just willingness.

Love well. Both God and others. One cannot truly happen without the other.