My Life with God

A Ruined Surprise

photo-1512308795231-7800e7ed6220I picked up a balloon to surprise one of my favorite people the day before his birthday. I texted his wife, “I’m going to try to be sneaky and run by to tie a balloon on the front porch for J’s birthday.” But as I hit send, I realized I had typed in J’s name instead of his wife’s and sent him the not-so-sneaky text.

So much for the surprise.

I laughed as I texted again, knowing it was J this time, “Yikes! So much for the surprise! Well, your non-surprise happy birthday balloon will soon be tied to your front porch. I hope I at least made you laugh today!”

Sometimes our best intentions end up a bit thwarted. But it’s nice to be able to laugh through them. I have chuckled about my mistake many times. It’s funny how mistakes can bring joy to us if we are able to see them for what they are.

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